A Walk in the Park, Stoke Park, Bristol.

Having Stoke Park on the doorstep is pretty amazing. Quite literally, once dressed and packed, its 20 seconds until I'm in the park from the front door.

With the sun starting to come back out and weather not being so freezing, I'm back out with the camera!


This week - I'd like to share some photo's of little Pebbles on her standard walk. We go across empty green fields and into the woods where she will chase anything and everything that moves. There is a big patch of big tufts of grass, it's where the rabbits come out at night and it drives Pebbles mental investigating the what the bunnies have been up to! 

Wellies on - into the forest!

Then, the dog bath! Look at that water!


Super Cocker!

Inspired to start blogging again, I thought what better way than to restart than some funny photo's of our very own Pebbles. Pebs loves nothing more than being out in the park running about, jumping puddles, chasing birds, fetching her ball, buzzing other dogs and generally getting up to mischief.

Keeping this short and sweet - here are some snaps of our cheeky monkey in action!

If you're interested in getting some photographs of your pooch - email me at peterjonesbristol@gmail.com or fill in the contact form through the site menu.

Happy Browsing!

Our Cheeky Little Pebbles.

Pebbles is our cheeky little working cocker spaniel. Now 1 year and 5 months she is loving life!

While we're at working our 9-5's she goes over to the families house and spends the day playing with Maisie, Dotty and Arwyn, two king charles cavaier spaniels and an alsation. 

In the evening she comes home for all the fuss, cuddles and a walk around Stoke Park. Then on the weekends she gets a special walk at one of her many favourite places in Bristol. Frequenting Blaise Castle, Snuff Mills, Oldbury Estate, Leigh Woods and the occassional trip over to Brecon in Wales.

Pebbles loves camping: morning, day and night. 

I've just stumbled across a few puppy pics shot on an old digital camera and cannot resist sharing them. She is an absolute angel!


Sunshine, Meadows and a Touch of Canine Mischief.

Yesterday I was privileged to photograph Katie’s  very friendly pack of pooches.

Calli in the meadow.

Dudley and Pippa - what a pair!

We met at a local park with fields-a-plenty with long grass meadows. The sun was shining - not too bright, just right. I spotted the gang a mile off! We do the usual walk towards each other to meet - the dogs were first to introduce themselves. I was greeted by wagging tails and little paws on my knees, all wanting the fuss :)

Calli boundin about in the meadow.

We had Dudley the Jack Russell, notorious tree climber. Dudley loves squirrels! Tree climbing comes in handy when out looking for mischief!  I can’t imagine the effort it takes to get those little legs up there. He once got stuck 6ft up a tree and needed a little help getting down from his human!  He was such a friendly little character, happily trotting along in tow with his pack J Adorable!

Then we had Pippa, mans best friend, dogs best friend, child best friend. A kind little soul enjoying the company of everyone and letting everyone know just how happy she is :) It’s all love, cuddles and fuss until you get out a ball then its game time – watch your fingers!

Jess the labrador (that thinks she's a greyhound!)

Then there’s Jess the black Labrador, a lovely big bundle of joy. Jess was the first to greet me and couldn’t get enough of the attention! She wasn’t too sure about the camera shutter sound, that click, boy I got told off!  I even got the wet nose to my lense, I didn’t expect to clean my lens after 5 minutes! She came to not mind and got on with being her usual self! Jess thinks she’s a greyhound and I’ve got to give it to her, she’s lightning fast! It was such a joy to see her bounding through the meadows being chased by the other dogs, she gave a Dalmatian a good little workout.

Last but definitely not least, Callie 18 month old Springer Spaniel. Now if you know dogs, you’ll know spaniels. If you know spaniels, you know what I’m about to say. Energy! Stick chasing, ball fetching, long grass bounding little fluffy bundle of laughs!  Calli loves chasing all that moves. In her down time she plays in the garden making sure those pesky squirrels are on their toes. What a cheeky monkey!

All in all it was an absolute pleasure to walk through the beautiful Stoke Park with the friendly Katie and her pack :) A fabulous time.

Thank you Katie :)  I had a great time and wish you all the best with this awesome lot!

Where'd the sun go?

So it looks like we've had our summer, what a glorious week it was! I try not to be cycnical towards British weather but its hard not to with scorching sun for a week followed by clouds, wind, rain and that looming grey sky taunting us with the idea that Winter is never too far away!

Though for a photographer the dull, grey, cloudy days aren't all bad - in fact they are quite pleasant :)

The sky acts as a giant natural diffuser to stop the suns harsh light making everything it touches bright, and all that it doesn't into dark shadows. It is much nicer to be out in as well! I feel the heat pretty heavily, I need shade, water and sun-cream. These milder and cooler days act as a great opportunity to get out and photograph. It can be a little darker sometimes when relying on natural light, it can be overcome with some simple tricks :)